Why niveK enotS? Well what is niveK enotS backwards? It's Kevin Stone!

My name is Kevin Stone and I live with my wife in a village somewhere near the middle of England.

I've been interested in photography since around 1992, and moved to digital in 2002. I've owned a number of SLR cameras over the years and currently have a Canon 550D.

I photograph everything and anything, but seem to have lots of animals, especially birds and butterflies. There are currently 360 photographs in the collection, most of which have been taken since January 2010. Please feel free to contact me (via BrainBashers) if you wish to purchase a photograph.

I also run other websites including:

  • BrainBashers : A puzzle, brain teaser and illusion website.

  • Mow Cop Castle : A website collecting photographs of a local folly overlooking the Cheshire plain (in the UK).


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